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Structural Steel Fabrication

As structural steel fabricators, Campbell & Shaw Steel, Inc. will supply and install a wide variety of structural steel and miscellaneous steel products. All welders are AWS certified and quality control is strictly adhered to by our experienced shop superintendent.

We can provide individual steel items right through to the complete structural steel requirements for new and refurbished buildings, warehouses and steel structures.

We provide all types of steel fabrications - embed plates and angles, anchor bolts and leveling plates, columns & beams, trusses, joist girders, joists, roof and floor deck, frames, stairs, handrails, ladders, HVAC/RTU frames, roof screens, canopies, catwalks, mezzanines, flooring and plate work, loading dock frames, door jambs and headers, lintels, machine bases, in plant processing steel, pit steel and a wide array of other fabrications. Work such as cutting, punching, drilling and welding is carried out at our plant located at 1705 Michigan Ave in Marysville, Michigan.

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Office: 810-364-5100
Fax: 810-364-7766
Urgent Service: 586-823-9925
Office Hours: M-F 7AM-4:30PM

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Address:1705 Michigan Ave., Marysville, MI 48040

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